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A Freak for Sneakers

Hype continues as popular brands continue to release sneakers under their name. These “legendary” brands earned their title for releasing sneakers that adhere to style, quality and comfort – a mix that’s hard to find in luxury shoes these days.

While these sneakers are known for being a little up there when it comes to price, sneaker enthusiasts find that they are definitely worth the cost. These set of sneakers are considered iconic, and continue to rise in popularity no matter how much trends change over time.

If you’re a freak for sneakers, here are some must-haves to add to your collection. In terms of style, some of these classic sneakers can go with just about any outfit.

The Nike Air Jordan Collection

The Air Jordans have been carrying the legendary Michael Jordan’s name since 1985, and are especially known for the Jumpman™ silhouette they use as their logo. Two of the most popular items in this collection are the classic Air Jordan 1 – which was released in 1984 and acted as a signature shoe before the collection even began – and, of course, the iconic Air Jordan 3 – which remains one of the most versatile items in the collection.

The Nike Air Force Collection

Designed in 1982, the Nike Air Force collection is a staple to any wardrobe due to its simple, minimalistic style. Any sneakers enthusiast needs to own a pair of these. The Nike Air Force 1, especially, has taken a turn from simply being sportswear to a fashion trend thanks to its clean-cut all-white design that easily matches any and all outfits.

New Balance

Founded in 1906, New Balance is definitely not new to the industry, but they have stepped up their game, and have risen among the top favorites. While they already have an established following, the recent releases of these suede shoes have garnered them even more fans. The most popular shoes in their extensive collections would be the classics: New Balance 999 and 998 – and for good reasons. New Balance is popular for the overall quality of their shoes in addition to their timeless designs.

Vans Authentic

The original 1966 Vans Authentic deserves to be called iconic. A classic staple for any wardrobe, the Vans Authentic are simple low-cut canvas shoes with a lace-up front, and come in a wide variety of different colors and designs. There’s bound to be a pair that suits your tastes. Because of their simplicity, these shoes can be worn anywhere with just about anything.

Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star

Any sneaker enthusiast should be a proud owner of the classic Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars. As opposed to the Vans Authentic, Chuck Taylors are high-cut sneakers who can rival the Authentic™ collection in terms of timelessness and simplicity. Available in a wide array of colors and designs, the Chuck Taylors continue to be an extremely popular fashion statement.

Adidas Yeezy

When the release of Adidas Yeezy – an official collaboration with Kanye West – was announced in 2015, everyone was dying to have a pair even before its release. It was essentially a hot topic in Hollywood news and the sneakers industry. One of the more popular pairs is the all-white Adidas Yeezy Powephase “Calabasas.” Yeezy’s have been an instant hit but with an average price into the $1000’s would you say ther’re affordable?

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