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What is Luxury Sportswear?

Otherwise known as athleisure, the name says it all. These are clothing items worn for a wide variety of sports, or simply for outdoor activities.

These days, however, luxury sportswear has turned into a multi-functional accessory that caters not only to people with an active lifestyle, but those who love keeping up with the latest fashion trends. There are three things that have especially gained popularity over the last few years, and for good reason – varsity jackets, snapbacks, and yoga pants.

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.

The Baseball jacket and also known as Varsity jackets were used by high school and college students to represent pride for their school’s athletic team, hence, why it was traditionally called a letterman – because a patch of the school’s initials were embroidered or sewn on the front left part of the jacket.

These jackets go a long way. You might be surprised to know that, back then that these jackets were earned. Not everyone can wear them. Now, you can see anyone wear it outside of school. As the jacket is thick and made of boiled wool, it definitely helps keep you warm. It also brings out the illusion that anyone who wears it practices an active lifestyle, regardless if they actually do or not. Nowadays, it’s simply considered a stylish piece.

Snapbacks weren’t originally called snapbacks. Once upon a time, they were called baseball caps, but not everyone who wears them is part of a baseball team.

No surprise there. The hat was initially part of the baseball uniform, but as it began to transition into a must-have fashion accessory, the name has since been altered to fit cap’s feature – the snap at the back. The aforementioned snap can be adjusted to fit the wearer’s head size. Snapbacks have wide array of variations – from color to shape – but the two most notables one are the front peak. It’s either a straight or a curved one.

Despite originally being curved, there came a time where a straight peak was the common trend. Lately, the style has since then transitioned back to a curved peak. While this may have been previously solely a sports-centric accessory, snapbacks definitely help shield eyes from the blaring sun, but that doesn’t stop people from wearing it indoors, either.

Now, something that’s especially popular with the ladies: yoga pants. They’re flexible, form-fitting, and, most importantly, they’re comfortable. But are they stylish?

The fashion trends answer with a big yes. As per its name, it was intentionally made for yoga. Because of its softness and flexibility, they were initially used for activities that involved a lot of bending and stretching such as dancing, aerobics, and, of course, yoga. Instead of wearing jogging pants and track suits – both of which were also considered fashionable a few years back – women have resorted to wearing yoga pants when going for a jog or run.

While there are tons more sportswear now made for everyday use, these three are some of the most common ones. Multiple celebrities have been caught wearing these items during their days off, sometimes even during events if they want to stand out. That in itself has turned these sets of luxury sportswear into a necessity in everyone’s closet. Not only does it show the existence of an active lifestyle, it’s turned into a massive fashion trend that everyone’s dying to get into.

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