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Sporty Wardrobe Essentials

Through the years, sportswear has become a staple in everyone’s closets regardless of whether they are active participants of any sport or not. Due to this fact, the demand for stylish sportswear has drastically increased, and as such, has grown into numerous different trends. They’re not only seen on celebrities caught by paparazzi during their days off, they’re shown on models posing for glossy magazines or strutting down catwalks. Not only do these offer comfort, but also showcase the illusion of an active lifestyle. Here are some of the most popular sportswear-turned-fashion-trend that we see on the daily.

Popular among women (although not unheard of for men) .


Popular among women (although not unheard of by men), leggings are flexible and offer utmost comfort on the daily. Women tend to exchange the feeling of chafing texture of jeans for the soft touch of leggings. While they’re initially intended to be worn for vigorous workout sessions or activities like running, jogging, dancing, or yoga, leggings have become a modern fashion staple, enough that there are a wide variety of designs to choose from.

Because of the never-ending debate of whether leggings can be worn as a substitute for pants or simply as an accessory, jeggings were made. During the rise of skinny jeans, jeggings made an appearance in the form of skin-tight imitation of denim jeans. As leggings and jeggings continue to spark debates among fashion experts, the use of this sportswear continues to be on the rise.


Hoodies, simply put, are sweatshirts with hoods. As the years passed, this has turned into another staple in everyone’s wardrobes. While the intended purpose was to solely keep the you warm, it’s turned into a fashion trend which began during the rise of the hip-hop culture in the 70s when high-profile designers began to glamorize the clothing item. During this time, universities also began adding their logos and initials, thus making it popular among students as well.

Once the 90s rolled around, it was young men that made good use of hoodies, especially skaters and surfers. Since then, the trend has spread across the United States, and the rest of the world followed. During this time, hoodies inspired many collections of popular designers like Tommy Hilfiger, Georgio Armani, and Ralph Lauren.


You can never go wrong with a plain white tee. It’s unisex and it’s highly comfortable. Everyone has a set of t-shirts tucked away in their closets. From undergarments to fashion trend, t-shirts are now worn outside of sports activities. While a plain white tee is a definite must-have, a multitude of colors and designs are available to choose from. From basics to tie-dye to screen prints, there’s one for everyone. Even luxury brands invest in t-shirts. This sportswear will never go out of style.


Also known as “warm-up suits,” tracksuits consist of two parts: a pair of trousers and a jacket. Despite its casual use as of late, tracksuits are still mostly worn by athletes to wear during competitions or training sessions. These are mostly worn above a shirt and shorts or swimsuits, and taken off before the actual competition. Outside of competitions, many people simply wear it during vigorous workout sessions. By the 90s, tracksuits became a fashion trend, especially those distributed by luxury brands such as Juicy Couture. Once the 2000s hit, tracksuits have since gone out of style, and is back to simply being worn as sportswear.


The A-shirt – short for “athletic shirt” – is often worn in sports such as basketball and track-and-field. Now, widely known as “tank tops,” these athletic shirts are also used as undershirts, and have since been used casually as well, notably during hot and humid weather. Like t-shirts, they also come in a wide variety of colors and designs to be worn alone as streetwear.

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