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Stephi LaReine

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Stephi LaReine – Blogger and Influencer – 48k + followers


Tell us a little bit about yourself
I grew up in Merseyside, UK where I was exposed to a lot of creativity through my family, as I was always surrounded by musicians in my house, as my dad recorded bands. So throughout the years I pursued different creative paths – everything from drumming, to getting an arts degree. So currently at age 23 I’m still in the same town, with my boyfriend Paddy, and Cat (Mia). We have a cute little set up that we’re working on, I wasn’t born into any kind of privilege so I see every step I take for myself as satisfying and character building.

Is fashion/blogging your main job and if so why have you chose this industry?
Yes! I’ve been a full time blogger for a few years, and it’s been my dream job to do something creative and innovative where I can express my thoughts and give insight to others about topics I feel incredibly passionate about. It all stemmed from being a freelance photographer and my love for beautifully arranged fashion editorials, and a drive for body positivity.

Define fashion in no more than 3 words?
Expressive, eternal and dreamy.

Where do you find your inspiration?
I try to harness inspiration from all around, but I mostly think up the best ideas from listening to music, and watching movies. I find it gives me clarity and vision in everything I do. Although outside of music, I find Pinterest to a fantastic way of finding visual inspiration.

Have you had any training, qualification or work experience or internship?
I have a 1st Class degree in Photography and Graphic Design, and worked at a fashion company in Manchester very briefly. Which was certainly more insightful about the industry I’m in, than when I was working as a mascot in an aquarium throughout my teen years.

What drives you?
The happiness of my readers.

What’s your work and personal life balance?
There’s no balance whatsoever, as my life is my work and my studio is in my house, so it’s difficult to separate the two as they seamlessly blend into each other. It’s not a terrible thing, as I adore what I do, but that work light switch never goes out.

What would you say makes a successful brand?
Having an image that people can aspire to, without seeming untouchable.

How do you stay up to date in fashion?
I try to make Fashion Week as much as possible, so that keeps me well informed and forward thinking. Magazines are great too for a different perspective.

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?
I’d love to see myself doing exactly what I’m doing now, but on a more global scale tackling bigger brands. I’d also like to see myself creating my own fashion house, as an open platform for upcoming artists and designers.

How would you describe your personal style?
Rainbow rock’n’roll.

Is there a specific brand you would like to work with
I’d love to work with Karl Lagerfeld, I love his brand for it’s combination of sophistication and quirkiness.

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